#75: Building a Successful team culture

Much is made of the importance of a team culture when it comes to success – it is often touted as the secret sauce to a team’s results. In fact, Sir Alex Ferguson, former Manchester United Football Manager (soccer) would often cite his team dynamic as their secret weapon.
Learn what it takes to build a team

#74: The Cycle of Performance

Prepare - Compete - Recover - Repeat...

So in this episode, we unpack what is often ‘willingly’ done to self-sabotage the season and kill the momentum – all in the name of preparation, results and balance.

#73: Effective Emotional Management

Where you choose to focus your emotions will dictate the quality and consistency of your performance. So in this episode, we look closely at the importance of our emotions when learning and retaining new skills, and importantly, our how emotions can help or hinder the consistency of our performance..

#72: Sustainable Performance

In this episode we look at HOW we set sustainable objectives and goals and the 4 Key Frames necessary to consistently perform successfully and the reasons why we, as humans, are designed to work much better when we have a clear and defined objective

#71: Pre-Season Goal Setting

5 Key Steps to Staying on Track.
Statistically, they say the third Monday of the new year is traditionally one of our mentally darkest days for modern society, as we realise those New Years resolutions that we made with all good intentions have already slipped. Our plans of glory fly out the window before they even got started - all due to our inability to stay on track.

#70: Mental Blocks

And how we can better deal with them - FOREVER.
we listen to a lecture I delivered recently (January 2019) on the four core components of Mental Blocks and how we, as coaches, can best manage the situation.
1) Why we have Mental Blocks,
2) What actually happens inside our minds with a Mental Block
3) How we can fix the blockage
4) What if the blockage keeps returning. 

#69: Re-thinking the Blame Game

Whose fault was it, really? 
When things are going well and athletes are winning, people love to take the credit. However, when things fall over, those same people are very quick to play the "Blame Game". "It wasn’t my fault... they didn’t give me the right information... I couldn’t do my job... they distracted me." 

In this episode, we are going to examine why people play the blame game and what we should be doing instead.

#68: Do I Fit the Selectors Mould?

Or do I create my own style?
Who are you playing for? It’s an age-old conundrum for elite and professional athletes, “Do I change who I am and how I play to fit the mould of the selectors current criteria OR do I back my own unique skills and become the player I know I can be?”

#67: Self-Belief is a System, Not a Feeling

Building sustainable self-belief
Believe it or not, athletes - more than others - tend to suffer with low self-esteem and low self-belief. This sounds bizarre when you think just how cocky they can appear on the outside. However on the inside, they can be their harshest critic. 

#66: An Athletes Guide to Managing Your Brain

4 Steps to beating mental fatigue
Every athlete gets fatigued. Heck! We train hard, we push ourselves to the limits and beyond - so it’s no surprise we become physically fatigued. However, there is a BIG difference between physical fatigue and mental fatigue. One is sore muscles and dwindling energy, the other can have a catastrophic impact on our ability to function, process and perform.

#65: Three Steps To Effective Preparation

As the internal and external pressures of performing becomes imminent we “can” be influenced to begin to doubt our own ability to perform when it counts. This all too common phenomena can seriously inhibit our performance potential.

In this episode I discuss the three key skills and stages to performing in a confident and controlled manner irrespective of the expectations of the situation. Sit back and enjoy as we discuss positive mindset and emotional platforming, Key visualisation techniques and effective anchoring..

#64: The Perils Of Diving For The Line

Taking your eye off the ball...
As the end of many athletes seasons approaches and we begin to think about putting our feet up for a few weeks well earned rest, we can “almost” be forgiven for taking our eye off the ball and thinking about getting to the end, making that last ditch attempt at finishing on a high.

However that flippant mindset can be very dangerous when we consider what could go wrong…

#63: Control of your performance

Controlling what you can control and letting go of what you cannot...
We “need” to know we have prepared well enough to perform, we have ticked all the boxes to be ready - this lowers our anxiety and increases our confidence allowing us to feel “ready’..
However sometimes that unemotional and structural “Need” process to be in control can turn into an emotional and irrational “WANT”

#62: 5 Steps To Handling Competition Pressure

How to value every performance...
As we settle into the 2016 Rio Olympics and we are consumed by the spectacle that is the summer games, we turn our focus to the best of the best, those flawless performances, smashed world and olympic records and the apparent super-human performances of these athletes. Let's take a closer look at how to get to this pinnacle of performance and what we can do to better secure our place in sporting success.

#61: Controlling performance with a 3 legged stool

Effectively managing your thoughts, feelings and actions...
When things don’t go the way you planned with your performance, what triggers it for you?

I mean, what REALLY triggers it for you, specifically? Is it a negative thought that grows from a passing thought into an unscalable mountain that you just cannot see a way past; an uneasy feeling that quickly occupies your whole body, incapacitating your flow; an action that you keep doing even though you know it’s not working for you that unraveled your winning and well-trained performance when under competitive situations? What if I told you, with a 3 legged stool we could better manage and control your mindset, your consistency and of course your performances!

#60: Recognising Your Performance Patterns

Understanding how your behavioural patterns influence your performance, your mind-set, your choices and your outcomes
Humans are hardwired to recognise patterns from our earliest moments - our parents faces, objects in the trees, even animals in the clouds. However, can you accurately recognise those key patterns that are the difference between a good performance and a not so good performance?
Yes we can! 

#59: Athletes and Emotions 

The deep connection between our emotions and our performance
What are you feeding your emotional Monster?
In this episode we will better understand the connection between our emotions, our thought processes, our language and our ability to consistently perform. We will look at what makes up our attitude and how we can better understand and manage its influence over our better judgement.

#58: Why Some Competitive Athletes Start Slow

A good start can lead to a great finish
In this episode we look at why some competitive athletes adopt the strategy of starting slowly, in hope of building into their performance, and why that actually works AGAINST you more often than work FOR you.

#57: Learn To Build A Life On The Road

When you finally make it and leap into the world of international competition, becoming an athlete travelling nationally and globally for your sport and your country, it can become apparent very quickly that what you did to get there -- can soon become very difficult to maintain. I'll share with you some key  techniques, strategies and mindsets to a successful life on the road. 

#56: Your Best Performance under  Pressure

We have all been there at some stage haven't we that "Performance amnesia" moment, where time stands still - just think back to school when all that study, all those late nights and all those anxious moments come down to that final exam, and then - nothing!

#55: Slaying Your Performance Demons

Be it as simple as a missed opportunity, a messed up skill or routine, or as complex as an injury or you were completely owned by your competitor in front of 100,000 spectators - we all have those internal demons who haunt us and our performance. Those demons are often the biggest and most painful inhibitor to our progress and us achieving our true potential as an athlete.

#54: Athletes - How do you Measure Success?

How do you measure your sporting success?
Your gauge on success is as individual as your fingerprint. We all strive, at an animalistic level, to be successful. It’s part of our survival instinct, our social standing and our unique identity. And sometimes we are quick to judge others on their perceived successes. But do you really know what success is and how to create it and nurture it? 

#53: Male vs Female Athletes

Is there really a difference in coaching them?
Is there a different philosophy between how we coach male athletes and female athletes? And is this bias based on social norms or hard science? In this episode we explore some of those physiological, neurological, emotional and social differences between the sporting sexes as well as many of the similarities as we strive to uncover if there really is, in fact, a difference in how we should coach male versus female athletes.

#52: Sporting Performance Failures

How do you manage the inevitable?
Elite, professional and extreme sport is a high investment way of life, not only financially but more importantly physically and emotionally too. And with that high investment comes the inevitable knocks and failures along the way. So how do you handle those failures to keep the journey alive?

#51: Your Sustainability as an Athlete 

What you do in the shower could hold the key!
There is no denying it we are creatures of habit and how we do one thing tends to be how we do most things. What this means is if things are going great we tend to stay in that place... however may not grow.  So by us recognising our core behaviours could hold the key to either replicating success or struggling to get any traction. In this episode we look at six (6) key stages of creating replicability and sustainability in your sporting performance.

#50: Overcome Performance Anxiety

Emotions: Rocket fuel or Kryptonite? It's your choice! 
Our emotions are an integral part of our sporting and performance success strategy. When used correctly our emotions can be the rocket fuel that catapults our career to heights beyond our wildest dreams. However if handled badly they can be our own personal Kryptonite and completely derail, or even crush, our career beyond salvation.